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18 May 2023

Hello from Malcata Animal Association.

I am currently in the UK and the association is being looked after by our lovely volunteer and trainer Wendy.

We have recently rehomed three of our dogs who have been with us for four years. Buddy Bear and Jose eventually found their forever homes and are very happy dog.

We fostered a dog called Thor who has now also got a new home with Wendy.

Just waiting the arrival of two new strays who are currently at a friends Quinta and need to be caught.

We received a wonderful donation of 800 euros which was raised by our friends Tegan and Jimmy who held an auctyion for one of Tegans wonderful crerations which you can find on our Facebook page.

I finally finished the sterilisation of approx 27 cats from Monsanto area,, with the support of Vetcoa in Sabugal.

Ana the Vet has been very supportive and I have made donations to her from the proceeds raised at Relva and Pedrogao market.

There are going to be some changes later in the year, but for now we are still tirelessly working to rehome and support anyone who is having difficulties with dogs.

Watch this space